There’s a never-ending fight all boat owners go through against the ultimate marine evil, corrosion. In a nutshell: corrosion sucks. It eats away at our fittings, gear, and goodies, and turns ‘em into trash. Ready to go on the offensive? Here are a couple of new armaments that will help.

marinco galvanalert galvanic corrosion prevent

The Galvanalert gives you a heads-up on galvanic corrosion.

1. Marinco’s GalvanAlert – This corrosion detector goes between your shorepower cord and the plug,  and has warning lights that illuminate to alert you to high galvanic or stray DC corrosion. It’s not cheap at $150, but that’s a heck of a lot less expensive than repairing the damage that can occur from underwater galvanic mayhem. Check it out at

2. Guest Fail Safe Galvanic Isolator – This galvanic gladiator fights corrosion by blocking stray currents. A 30-amp, $349 model is ignition-protected, meets ABYC A-28 standards, and provides continuous protection. has more info.

guest galvanic isolator corrosion prevention

Eliminate stray current, with a galvanic isolator.

 3. Boatsaver, CorrosionX and Boeshield T-9 – These three sprays are the Spartans of surface-applicated corrosion prevention. Use them to spritze any metal above the waterline, or soak down a rag and give all your boat’s metal a wipe-down. They cost under 10 bucks and can be found at any boating supply store.

boat saver corrosion spray

Boat Saver, CorrosionX, and Boeshield T9 are all good corrosion fighters.

There now: you have three ways to battle the break-down. Put ‘em to good use, and the fight against corrosion will be won… for now.