Longneck transparent

In real life, bean bags and futons have gone the way of fondu sets and pet rocks. But on a boat, bean bags rock. Seriously. A marine grade bean bag can make a huge difference for the crew when running long distances on a center console or in the cockpit of a battlewagon, where seating is scarce.

Last year I used an E-Searider Medium Teardrop Marine LONGNECK ($110, e-searider.com/) for a project boat, and after the season I put it in my office and used it instead of my desk chair.

Last week, on a 25-mile run in cold weather through a moderate chop, we threw bean bags in the back of the cockpit, buttressed by the transom, and sat protected from the wind by the freeboard and from the pounding by the bags’ shock absorbing properties.

When it’s time to fish, stow them the hell out of the way.