Gellner Engineering has been a roll since late 2009, according to company principal Dean Gellner. At the Super Boat International Key West Offshore World Championships in November, Gellner engine-powered boats took world titles in the P1 and P5 classes.

“That was a pretty big way to top off 2009,” Gellner told me this morning. “Things just kept going from there—it’s been a really good winter so far.”

Gellner Engineering custom-builds new engines from 500 hp to 1,800 hp, but it also offers engine rebuilding and refreshment services. While new-engine sales are down, said Gellner, the engine refurbishment side of the business is booming.

“We haven’t done much new stuff, but a lot of guys are upgrading they’re existing engines with things like cylinder head and camshaft upgrades, and we’re extremely busy with that. If people knew, they wouldn’t believe how much work comes out of here.”