You want a better looking boat? We sure hope so – if not, there’s really something wrong with you. And one of the ways to keep Mom’s Mink looking good is to keep her waxed up and gleaming. Of course, there are about 10-gazillian different waxes out there, and each says they’re the best. A few weeks back Eagle One sent me their newest to test out-here’s the scoop.

Paste wax (usually based on bee’s wax) offers the best protection for gel coat. But carnauba wax, (found in most wash-N-wax types of products,) provides a shinier finish. Unfortunately, there’s a down-side – applied in the wash, the carnauba coat is thin and relatively weak, and washes off much easier then bee’s waxes. In fact, while a good paste wax lasts for months at a time, most carnaubas wear off after a week or two and wash-applied carnaubas can lose their shine after a single hard rainstorm. The solution? Savvy boaters will start the season with a few coats of protective bee’s wax, then apply a carnauba wax throughout the season to maintain that awesome shine.

Enter: Eagle One’s new Gel Wax (; it’s supposed to go for $10 but it’s so new the web site doesn’t list it yet!).

It's a gel! It's a wax! It's a gel-wax!

It's a gel! It's a wax! It's a gel-wax!

The carnauba-based gel is easy to wipe on, and doesn’t require any dry time. That means you can simply wipe it on with one hand and wipe it off with the other, as you work your way down the hullside of your boat. It’s about as quick and easy an application as possible. And since it isn’t applied in a wash, the shine lasts a lot longer. Remember: this isn’t your protective coating. But it has a heck of a good shine and it won’t wash away the first time it rains – I’m giving it a slick, shiny thumbs up.

Added bonus:unlike many waxes, it didn’t discolor my boat’s black rubrail when I got a little sloppy with the application!!!