Storm clouds that, seen from the helm, invoke expletives.

Storm clouds that, when seen from the helm, invoke expletives.

Here’s to freak thunderstorms. The ones that make everything in their path vibrate with electric dread. I hate lightning; my biggest fear is being caught in a ferocious storm in an open boat. Fortunately I’m pretty good at avoiding them now that I’m not in my 20s and stupid, and that I have an iPhone.

I use

the Weather Channel app to get the general forecast and then hit the “Explore Map” feature to get real-time radar.

For marine forecasts I use the web browser to call up the NOAA/NWS Coastal and Great Lakes Forecasts by Zone.

If the forecast is grim, or I see the impending doom as pictured above with my own eyes, I hit the Yelp app to find the nearest dockside bar restaurant.

*(Overused headline cliche alert.)