Along with all of the sweet rigging I found on the 34′ Pursuit Wrangler, the boat we overnighted on at the canyons last week, there was one glitch: the outrigger lines were rigged without floats or balls next to the clips. This doesn’t seem like a big deal at first, until you go to re-set a rigger line, and discover this:


The long rigger clip had wedgied itself into the outrigger’s ring, and it wasn’t coming out. We tried flailing away with the line, whipping it back and forth, until finally we accepted the fact that our long rigger line was out of action until the rigger could be swung down at the dock, and serviced on dry land. Bummer.

I’ve seen this happen before on other boats, including one of my own many years ago. The solution is simple: don’t rig up an outrigger without including those little floats on the ends of the lines. Even if you and your crew know better then to yank the rigger clip all the way into the ring, sooner or later you’ll have a guest onboard who doesn’t – and you can bet they’ll crank that clip right out of action.