I downloaded yet another iPhone app that bodes well for boaters with an addiction to their little phone buddy. The NOAA Buoy Data Reader app from Verona Solutions provides the latest update from the nearest data buoy, or from the one nearest to your ultimate destination. Rather than explain what it does, let me show you a screen grab from my phone for my home waters:


As you see, it gives you some basic data to judge your sea state. It is not a forecasting tool. But I tried it on the water this week and it worked well, providing us an accurate picture of waters.

The caveat: Make sure you’re not relying on your cell phone for ANY serious cruising data unless you’re 100 percent sure you’ve got cell phone or wifi coverage where you’re boating.

And if you’re going to whip your iPhone out on the water, for dog’s sake protect it. My favorite case is the Aquapac Phone Case.

The NOAA Buoy Data App costs $2.99 on the iTunes app store.

As an alternative consider the more comprehensive Bombora app that goes for $4.99. (Especially if you like to surf, too.)