AAAARG you scurvy bilge rat, are your kids ready to fend off pirates with their very own potato guns? They will be if they’ve read the new book from the marauding marine minds of David Seidman and Jeff Hemmel, The Anti-Pirate Potato Cannon and 101 Other Things for Young Mariners to Build, Try, and Do on the Water. (Full disclosure: yes, this is the same Jeff Hemmel that’s a BoaterMouther, Seidman is a long-time friend, and they did send me a copy of the book to review.)

Though this book may have the longest title on the planet, it’s a descriptive one. From the moment my nine-year-old boys got home from school and read the cover, they were absorbed in its pages. Yes, they even forgot about playing video games for a solid two or three hours while they learned about things like making potato guns (gee, THANKS Dave & Jeff, the neighbors will just LOVE this one…) building paper boats, making plankton nets, and even brewing their own biofuel. (Note to boys: stay the heck away from my outboards.)

The book also has numerous chapters that are downright useful. Max was interested in learning how to coil lines, while brother David was itching to flip to the section on how to carve a slalom turn while water skiing. But this book is for all young mariners, not just the boys – Mollie picked it up after her brothers were sent to bed, and learned how to navigate with a Kamal, drive a boat at 100-mph, and cook a hot lunch on a running engine. Then she took the kid’s Boating Exam and scored 18 out of 20 (that’s my girl!)

The kids and I all agree, this is one seriously cool book. It costs $24.95 and you can find it at book stores, on Amazon, or by simply Googling “Anti Pirate Potato Cannon.” And you only need to know one other thing: once your kids get a hold of this book, DUCK!

anti pirate potato gun kids book young mariners review

Yes, this book will get kids off the video games and into far more stimulating and wholesome activities, like building potato guns.