re structure marine finishing compound

It shines and takes away tiny scratches, but how long does the protection last?

Re Structure Marine sent me a sample of their Micro Finishing Compound to test and review, along with their Polish we talked about a few weeks ago (at ). Before we get into the Micro Finishing Compound, let’s have an update on the Polish: you may remember I used it in a spot directly below my cutting board, which is regularly chum-splattered and dripped on. So far, so good: the blood & guts have all been washing off easily. Of course, it’s only been a few weeks and this stuff is supposed to last for up to 36 months, so the testing has just begun. In the mean time….

Micro Finishing Compound is a blemish/scratch remover that’s supposed to protect against future damage, as well. The “secret” ingredient is MBSilane, a nanotech-based particulate that eliminates the need for the abrasives usually found in rubbing compounds. But, do micro-minute-mini particles do the job? I found this stuff worked well for micro-scratches, but not the heavy lifting you’d commonly use compounds for. It’ll take care of the tiny scratches you only see by getting the light to glint off the gel coat at the right angle, for example. But when buffing out the deeper scratches, you’ll still need the gritty stuff.

What about this stuff’s protective nature? I love the claims on the bottle, which state it will “retard damages from salt, UV, sun, eggs, bugs, glue, ink, carbonated beverages, detergents, and abrasions.” Eggs? What the heck do these guys do with their boats, anyway? Hmmm… Well, we’ll find out how well it protects because I used it right next to the Polish in a high-abuse area of the boat. Next month, look for an update. A 12-ounce bottle goes for $30, and you can get the manufacturer’s take on things at