So, you’d love to say “NO” to wax and go with a boat polish instead, maybe something like Re-Structure Marine Polish? I’m all for trying new maintenance products, especially if it means less elbow grease over the long run. And I’ve had some good luck with polymers, and polishes. (Check out the BTS polymer review at’s-mink-a-mega-shine/ for an example). But Re-Structure claimed their Marine Polish was like no other, so when they sent me a bottle to test, I went to work.

First, the down-sides: Marine Polish is expensive ($30 a bottle), and you can’t apply this stuff over a carnauba-based wax because it’ll seal it in, and the wax will turn yellow over time. Now, the up-sides: Once this stuff is on, they claim it’ll last 36 months… yes, you read that right, 36 months. That’s a heck of a claim, and it’ll take more then 1,000 days before I can verify or debunk it. But let’s remember that if it lasts one full season, that’s already a heck of a lot better then most polymers and polishes. So I de-waxed a section of my boat, and rubbed on the Marine Polish to try it out.

At least upon initial application, the gel coat looks great. This stuff has a shine-factor of 10, which they claim is due to the use of RALG, which has particles measured on the nano-scale. That means they’re so tiny they can fill the microscopic pores in the gel coat.

You can bet that I’ll be keeping a close eye (and reporting back) on how well this stuff seals the fiberglass, eases wash-downs, and maintains its shine. In fact, I’m giving it the ultimate challenge. The section I applied it to is directly underneath my cutting board’s drain. That means the Marine Polish will be chum-splattered and blood soaked on a regular basis throughout 2010 and beyond.  Stay tuned… and meanwhile, you can see what Re-Structure has to say about this stuff, at

It has a shine factor of 10, but how long will it last? They say 36 months!

It has a shine factor of 10, but how long will it last? They say 36 months!