With the recent economic situation, I can’t blame the majority of PWC manufacturers for playing it safe with their 2010 product lines. Sea-Doo, however, is moving boldly ahead, introducing new models. My favorite is easily the RXT-X 260, what I think is one of the most complete craft we’ve seen in a long time.

When I saw the suspension-rigged GTX Limited iS and RXT iS last year I thought they were cool, no doubt. But I couldn’t help but think a model that retained those craft’s braking system, fantastic forward/neutral/reverse capabilities, and cruise control options — but skipped the pricey suspension — would be a bigger mainstream hit. That’s exactly the formula Sea-Doo has followed for the 2010 RXT-X 260. In the process, Sea-Doo has shown last year’s new hull design to be a winner in a variety of conditions, as well as opened the public’s eyes to what’s possible when you can suddenly tinker with the engine’s acceleration curve.

The end result is a high-tech, high-speed, great handling thrill machine, and arguably Sea-Doo’s best ever candiate in rough water. I was impressed, as were several other of my esteemed colleagues. How impressed? I secretly polled a few in search of the boat’s flaws…and found little to work with.

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