OK, it’s silly and it’s simple but that’s its beauty. 

If you’ve ever tried to get a bucket out of your overstuffed lazarette, you’ll appreciate the Swobbit collapsible bucket.  Whether you have to sluice the decks, rinse your snorkel gear or really get to cleaning this is a great little item and you can easily fit multiple Swobbit buckets into a space where a conventional bucket would fit. 

Marine cleaning products manufacturer Swobbit has introduced a unique collapsible bucket that stores compactly in its own zippered bag when not in use.  The 10-inch diameter wide-rim bucket is large enough to rinse a deck cleaning brush and features a stainless steel handle. Made from acrylic coated and sealed fabric, it will quickly return to its functional shape.  It comes in its own zippered bag and retails for $14.00