A new headline from Washington Daily News: ”Fountain Courts Investment Deal.” Why would Fountain powerboats be looking for investors? To avoid having its assets sold at auction, a move that’s currently scheduled (by the bankruptcy court) for next Monday. Ahhh, the times we live in… but, could there be some good news on the horizon?

Check this out – RV sales went up 16-percent in August. (Boat sales dropped 18.9 percent, but who’s counting?) Traditionally, the marine industry shadows the RV’ers, so this is actually a very good sign for us boaters. Sure, 2009 is a wash – everyone warned us it would be. But if 2010 isn’t a whole lot better, we’ll be seeing some deeper impacts, with lasting repercussions. Take Fountain as an example, since they’re the news dejure. That company pioneered many developments and designs in the dedicated kingfish boat market. Without their influences you’d have to add angled rocket launchers to your T-top yourself; stand-up, wrap-around bolsters would be unheard of in fishboats; and of coure, we’d all be cruising a lot slower. If companies like this disappear, what future designs will we lose forever?

I don’t know, and I’m not going to stress myself out about it because there’s not a darn thing I can do. Wait a sec – yes there is! I can support the industry, and go fishing. In fact, a guy just invited me to overnight for swords at the canyons tomorrow night. So I’m afraid I’ll be MIA for the next 48 hours or so. Check back on the blog when the weekend comes, though – I have a cool new goodie I’ll be testing out on this voyage. (Hint: handheld electronics.) And hopefully, by the time we return to the dock there will be even better news to spread.