Call it the iPhone effect.

Tige recently introduced a new touchscreen control panel, dubbed TigeTouch, on the brand’s RZ and VA models that replaces the normally vast collection of gauges, switches, audio controls, and speed control functions that normally clutter most ski and wake boats.


Featuring a 6.5” full-color, multimedia display, TigeTouch integrates control of all operating systems, watersports performance settings, and engine monitoring functions. That leaves the dash looking exceptionally clean, and offers drivers access to easy-to-understand graphical representations of anything from ballast tank levels, to sound system settings, even individual rider profiles for those skis and wake riders you haul most often.

Yes, the old-school guy in me frets a ghost may get in the machine, but the trendy, tech-lover in me loves it. It’s just downright cool.

My only real gripe is that the dash now looks positively empty…

For a closer look at TigeTouch, check out