Yesterday at Poor Man’s Canyon reminded me of why I like Aftco’s Roller Troller clips so much – last year I was on a boat with cheaper roller clips; when one failed to pop free and I opened it by hand, the line wedgied between the roller and the clip… breaking off a 100+ pound bluefin. But yesterday when a Roller Troller jammed (personal belief: it didn’t jam, they were just set way too tight!) and I popped it by hand, the line released cleanly. The difference? Roller trollers are machined with tighter tolerances, so there’s no gap between the roller and the clip frame.

It’s not my aim to promote a specific brand, but the next time you rig a set of outriggers, make sure you choose a pair of roller clips with no gap next to the roller. Sooner or later one will either stick or be set wrong by someone on the boat, and you’ll be glad you can safely pop it by hand – especially when this is the result:

white 023

A final note for Mid-Atlantic anglers: there’s a nice 68 – 70.5 degree break around 45 fathoms just inside the Poor Mans, which is holding a good number of whites. We pulled a tuna spread for a couple of hours before deep dropping on golden tiles, and were attacked by these pointy-nosed critters four times. Word has it the white bite at the Norfolk is even hotter, so keep an eye out for those weather windows!