I was minding my own business, searching for a new 26’ to 32’ power cat fishing boat on boats.com, when an ad popped up showing a boat which I’d never seen nor heard of before: the Bond Yachts 30. This is the picture that really caught my eye.

bond power cat

Ever seen a boat like the Bond power cat? We thought not.

Now, you might ask yourself, was it the unusual nature of this craft which drew my attention? Was it the relatively miniscule 60-hp powerplants? The unique hull design? Nope, nope, and nope. Mostly, it was how small this tow package makes the truck look. I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I’d lay down dollars to doughnuts that if you hit the road with this rig that poor little SUV would barely get it up to 30-mph — just about the time when you’d realize that the truck’s brakes had about as much effect as bicycle brakes on a Harley.

Ignoring the fact that this boat has a 9-foot, 4-inch beam, which doesn't exactly meet the parameters for street-legal towing in most states including my own, I wanted to know more. So I clicked on the Bond Yachts listing, where I found this little gem of a picture.

bond yachts

Could the Bond become the Prince of Party Cove? You betcha.

Woah — where the heck did those stairs come from?! As a hard-core angler this isn't the type of boat I’d ever buy, but wow — talk about a cool putz-around boat. If I knew how to relax (which I don’t) and was going to spend a day gunkholing, swimming, and partying on the water (which I won’t) I’m thinking that the Bond would be awesome. Just looking at this picture makes me dream of leisure and contentedness, two things I know nothing about. Hmmm, I might just have to go look at some sailbote ads next.