Anyone who’s spent more than a few days on the water during the past few… several… many… well, since the Eisenhower administration, knows the Boston Whaler brand, has seen the ads of Whalers sawn in half, has heard about and maybe even experienced the unsinkability of a Whaler, and probably knows some of the legends about their design and construction.

The 230 Vantage

The 230 Vantage

The editors at have been covering Boston Whaler’s impressive output of designs for a long time, but the past couple of years have been even busier than usual, both for Whaler’s designers and builders and for our reviewers and videographers. So we thought it would be fun to collect some of Whaler’s recent models and our coverage of them in one central location. Scroll down to go from smaller to bigger models. For more information about any of these boats, or to check out the whole line, visit Boston Whaler. Enjoy.

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Boston Whaler 190 Outrage: Good Builders, Like Good Memories, Never Fade

Boston Whaler’s legendary construction, pronounced deadrise for smooth running, and solid performance make this center-console a small-boat winner.

The 190 Outrage

The Boston Whaler 190 Outrage

2012 Boston Whaler 210 Montauk: Video Boat Review

The basic design of the Montauk has been around for generations, and this 210 combines fishability and family fun into one trailerable package.

Boston Whaler 230 Vantage: A Dual Console Whaler for Watersports

The new 230 Vantage is rigged for wakeboarding, waterskiing, and all-around fun in an unsinkable package.

2012 Boston Whaler 230 Dauntless: Video Boat Review

This center console gives fishermen the features they demand and families the comfort they deserve.

Boston Whaler 270 Dauntless

The 270 Dauntless

Boston Whaler 240 Dauntless: No Restrictions

The 240 Dauntless has plenty of deck space for fishing, as well as a forward lounge area and even a small head compartment in the console.

Boston Whaler 270 Dauntless: Newer, Bigger, Better

The Boston Whaler multi-purpose center console series grows with the  270 Dauntless, to give you more range, more space, and more versatility.

Boston Whaler Conquest 285: Thoughtfully Revised

Whaler responded to several fine-tuning suggestions from experienced boaters to revamp their 285 design.

The 285 Conquest

The 285 Conquest

Boston Whaler 285 Conquest: Video Boat Review reviewer Jeff Hemmel checks out the keel-up redesign of this 28 footer

Boston Whaler 315 Conquest: Super-sized and Unsinkable

The new 315 Conquest from Boston Whaler may be a far cry from the original Whaler 13, but it’s still safe, stable, and unsinkable.

2012 Boston Whaler 315 Conquest: Video Boat Review

New for 2012, this fishable cruiser stays true to Boston Whaler’s unsinkable heritage.

2012 Boston Whaler 320 Outrage: Video Boat Review

The review team found this boat to be a great mix of fish and cruise.

The 345 Conquest

The 345 Conquest

Boston Whaler 345 Conquest: Cushy Angler

Built for cruising – and for angling – this Whaler is big enough and well-thought-out enough to fill both roles.

Boston Whaler 345 Conquest: Video Boat Review reviewer Jeff Hemmel checks out a luxurious fishboat from Boston Whaler.

Boston Whaler 350 Outrage: Man Your Battle Stations

Whether you're fighting a fish, fighting rough seas, or fighting to be the first boat to the hotspot, the new Boston Whaler 350 Outrage will give you a fighting chance.

Video First Look: Boston Whaler 350 EU Edition