Quality Mark has come up with another great product to make your boat loading and unloading even easier.  Check out their BowStep which is a folding ladder that will get you up onto the bow or into your boat from the ground safely and without ever getting your feet wet.

The BowStep mounts onto the forward part of your trailer and three angle adjustments provide the right angle of ascent for any installation.  The slip resistant treads and extended handle make it safe for anyone including kids.  When not in use, the ladder hinges up and out of the way. 

You can use the BowStep on the launch ramp to get in the boat without having to get wet but you can use it in your driveway too when cleaning or loading the boat.  The BowStep comes with a left or right handed handle and it only has three steps so it’s lightweight and unobtrusive on your trailer. 

The BowStep comes in black with red treads and retails for $299.  For more information or purchase options, visit www.qualitymarkinc.com.