Box Tops 4 Docks has two new ways to organize a dock party.

Dock boxes often serve as party tables but they’re rarely big enough to do the job and things tend to go for a swim if the box is knocked.  Balancing wine glasses, food, bottles and the odd pair of sunglasses is not what a dock box was built for but it’s usually central to any dock gathering.  So where do you put all that stuff?

Box Tops 4 Docks might just be the party answer.  These are a series of toppers for dock boxes that will securely hold a seriously large selection of plates, bottles and glasses, and they look good too.  There are currently three models to choose from which are, in order of options:  Freeboard, Starboard and Overboard.  The basic platform remains the same but elevated glass and bottle holders can be added to increase the topper’s capacity. 

Made of FDA approved ½ inch King Starboard ST, Box Tops are weatherproof, food safe, strong and stain resistant.  And you can cut on them if you need to since they’re basically made of cutting board material.  Box Tops will not absorb odors, and they wont’ warp, discolor, delaminate or mildew.  Best of all, you never have to varnish one. 

But Box Tops are heavy and large so keep in mind that you’ll have to store your nifty platform somewhere, and it won’t fit into your dock box.  So if your marina allows it, why not mount it on top of your dock box permanently?  All included fasteners are stainless steel and five of them will attach the Box Top to the inside of your dock box lid.  All you need is a drill, ¼ inch drill bit and a #2 Phillips screw driver. 

They’re not cheap as the prices range from $325-495.  But they are useful and easy to install.  Box Tops can also hide and or improve the look of your dock box if it’s old and warped.  Add a couple of chairs and you’re in a perfect place to block dock traffic and start a party.

Now they’ve come out with a Fish Top 4 Docks that is designed for the angler on the dock and has e slots to hold knives, 2 for tools, drain slots in the rear corners for easy cleaning, a wash down hose, and of course 4 super sized coup holders. 

Current models are made for triangular dock boxes but they’re working on a topper for a rectangular box as well.  For more information, or to purchase, visit