You can never have enough buckets or knives on a boat. (More on the buckets in a future post). The Boye cobalt series features folding knives that are lightweight (2 ounces), fast sharpening and small enough to carry anytime and anywhere (3” blade and 7” overall).

They’ll cut through line, net and that tie down that will never come loose and they won’t rust. These low profile knives have a strong Zytel handle which is fiberglass filled nylon and can be opened and closed easily with one hand.

A titanium marlinspike with a shackle key is an option for an additional $30 making the knives range from $100-$150 depending on retailer. They come in blue, black and safety yellow and are super sharp so the job gets down fast.

I have about a dozen knives strewn about my nav station and who knows where else. Knives are important and Boye makes a good one.