It may be February, but at Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co. the owners are so excited about the 23’ Herreshoff Marlin Heritage that their 2014 sailing season has already started. That's what happens when you first come out with a new model.  The Goodwin family  has redesigned a classic Herreshoff for the modern sailor, blending nautical history with modern convenience. The plan is to put the new model into production once the boat has made a splash at upcoming boat shows.

Cape Cod Shipbuilding Marlin

This Herreshoff Marlin Heritage is the first of many Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co. hopes to build. Photo: Wendy Goodwin

Wendy Goodwin, President, explains: "It’s common for folks to assume activity at boatyards slows down in the winter, but this time of year was perfect for us to finish the Marlin Heritage and make sure all systems are working before we show her off."

This first boat will go on display at the Boatbuilders show on Cape Cod this weekend. You can also see her at the New England Boatshow in Boston later this month, and at the Maine Boatbuilders Show in Portland on March.

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Photo credit: Wendy Goodwin


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