Listen up, one-percenters: we have a brand new hotrod for you, in the form of the 2016 Carbon Marine Paragon 28. This boat is more than hot-looking, and it’s more than fast. It pushes every known boundary, sporting a monstrous supercharged 627 HP Seven Marine outboard, a red black and silver finish, racing-style bolsters, and a carbon fiber and epoxy resin construction that’s out of this world. In fact, it’s the first fully-exposed carbon fiber hulled powerboat of its kind. Click, and enjoy the eye-candy.

Thanks to the super-light carbon fiber construction (Carbon Marine says the boat is 4,500 pounds with the motor, which puts it at around a 3,400 hull weight) and that whopping-big outboard, with its over-80 MPH top-end this is one of the fastest 28 foot recreational powerboats around. Like many uber-expensive boats of this size, it’ll often be used as a megayacht tender. Unlike most, however, it has enough merit as a super-slick speed boat to attract buyers who are merely looking for a completely unique nautical creation that runs like a bat out of hell. What does it cost? Since each hull is more of less customized prices can vary quite a bit, but again, think Ferrari. Think Lamborghini. And if you can’t get the 28 Paragon out of your head…

Visit Carbon Marine for more information.