Maybe spring is coming to Wisconsin, or at least the arc of the sun is getting high enough to wake up thoughts of spring; here's another guest post from our Outboard Expert, Charles Plueddeman, with fishing news from the team at Evinrude:

The boys of the E-Team

Left to right: Guido Hibdon, Paul Meleen, David Walker and Chad Brauer. (photo ESPN/BASS)

Four pro anglers sponsored by Evinrude will spend the next four months posting to a new blog site. Bass pros Guido Hibdon, Chad Brauer, and David Walker and walleye angler Paul Meleen will be posting blog reports, video and photos as they travel the country preparing for tournaments and doing what ever else it is a fishing pro does. Evinrude says the blog reports will allow the anglers to help debut new engine technology, share stories from a life on the water (and the road), and fishing tips and tricks.

The first entry is a story from Brauer, the son of veteran pro Denny Brauer, about his early experiences at the BASS Classic, and a quick video tour of his new bass boat. I like how he’s already polished the motor skeg a little, an encounter with the Red River bottom, he explains.

Each of the E-Team pros will be fishing from a new Ranger boat rigged with an Evinrude E-TEC outboard.

Since Charles sent me the note above, another post has been added to the E-Team blog by Paul Meleen, introducing his teammates. If you follow pro fishing, this should be a good chance to get to know these guys as the season continues.