The MSX 110 comes with a 110 hp Polaris Liberty Marine Turbo Four-Stroke engine, which is both clean and quiet.

The MSX 110 comes with a 110 hp Polaris Liberty Marine Turbo Four-Stroke engine, which is both clean and quiet.

Polaris' MSX series is setting new standards in personal watercraft excellence — and as the smallest child of the series, the MSX 110 is out to steal some of the glory.

Polaris jumped into the four-stroke watercraft segment close to a year ago, and the company hasn't looked back. The MSX 110 comes with a 110 hp Polaris Liberty Marine Turbo Four-Stroke engine, which is both clean and quiet. Moreover, the engine meets California ultra-low emissions standards and beats the Environmental Protection Agency's 2006 emission standards by more than 60 percent.

The four-stroke's high horsepower-to-weight ratio equates to quiet operation and a great power band and torque for towing. The parallel twin cylinder design with balancing shaft results in smooth operation and enhanced durability, and the compact four-valve-per-cylinder overhead cam design runs cleaner and delivers high power output.

A Bosch multi-port EFI system keeps the craft running efficiently on 87-89 octane unleaded gasoline. The 110's closed-loop cooling system cools the engine without the danger of it being clogged with weeds and silt.

However, the MSX series stands out for more than just its great, fuel-efficient ride. It's also just plain beautiful, thanks to its sport-bike-inspired styling.

In fact, earlier this year, the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum for Architecture and Design recognized the MSX as a winner in its "Good Design" competition, alongside the likes of the BMW 7 Series, the Mini Cooper and the Macintosh iMac G4. All of the MSX models have a great new design, but the MSX 110 stands out for its bold copper metallic accents that contrast nicely with its white top-deck and hull.

The design also includes Polaris' Modified-V Progressive Dihedral Stepped hull, which offers better handling and more aggressive turning ability for musclecraft riders. The stepped hull and lifting strakes aid in rapid acceleration and top speed. The hull also allows the midsize MSX 110 to provide an exceptionally smooth, dry and stable ride while carrying up to three people (with a total weight capacity of 565 pounds).

The seamlessly integrated cockpit instrumentation provides clear digital and analog readings on all vital functions at a glance and delivers new information with the touch of a button on the handlebar. The Polaris ESP (Enhanced Steering Performance) system provides steering assistance for additional maneuverability in off-throttle and off-power steering situations.

Fixed convex mirrors provide excellent rear view without the need for adjustment by riders of varying heights. A convenient patented child grab handle on the steering module provides a secure hold for children seated up front.

The fact that the Polaris MSX 110 is a great-looking watercraft won't go unnoticed, and neither will the fact that, at $8,699, it's one of the most affordable four-stroke watercrafts in the industry.

Polaris MSX 110 Specifications
Weight660 pounds
Fuel capacity18.5 gallons
Weight capacity565 pounds
Suggested retail price$8,699

ModelPolaris Liberty Marine Turbo Four-Stroke
Propshaft horsepower110
Displacement750 c.i.d.
Bore and stroke85mm x 66 mm
Compression ratio9:1
ImpellerThree-blade stainless steel with progressive pitch radial blade
Maximum engine speed7,500 rpm

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