Here's an idea that's head-smackingly simple but a terrific alternative to carrying traditional shroud or stay replacement materials on a long passage. 

What are you going to do if you lose a a stay or shroud?  To date, that has meant storing a very long length of wire with the appropriate end hardware to make an emergency repair to be able to make it to safe harbor.  Fifty feet of wire is heavy, hard to coil into a manageable package, takes up a lot of room and since it’s usually relegated to the lazarette or bilge area, risks getting rusted and damaged. 

Colligo Marine to the rescue with a kit for quick do-it-yourself emergency rigging repair. 

The Emergency Shroud Kit includes low stretch 7 mm Dynex Dux UHMWPE (that’s ultra high molecular weight polyethylene) line with a 15,000 lb breaking strength to replace shrouds or stays up 50’ long and ¼ inch thick.  The line is reportedly twice as strong as ¼ wire at a fraction of the weight.  Also included are two Line Terminators one of which is pre-spliced, 20 feet of synthetic lashing line, chafe guard for spreader ends and splicing instructions. 

One Line Terminator is spliced and ready to use with a shackle at the mast or chainplate end while the other included Terminator can be spliced to the length needed. You can even connect two together in case 50 feet is not enough although Colligo is debating providing larger kits for bigger boats.   Supposedly, even a marginally skilled sailor can rig this kit in 20 minutes or less with Colligo’s simple instructions. 

Here’s the best part though.  The whole thing stores in a bag 12” x 15” and weighs in at around 4 lbs.  The kit is rustproof, comes in a re-sealable plastic bag and is completely reusable – all for about half the price of traditional wire.  In use, the line can last up to 5 years although the kit is designed for temporary repairs only.  If kept dry, the kit can last indefinitely. 

The Colligo Marine Emergency Shroud Kit retails for $349 for the 50’ version.