If you’ve spent any time in galleys on big powerboats or in RVs you’ve probably seen large combination microwave convection ovens that seem like they’d be very handy since they do double duty.  The problem is they’re big and therefore not very functional on smaller vessels and on sailboats.  Well, check out the new Contoure CMC11040B Microwave Convection Combination with Grill that’s like three appliances in one and measures only 21”x12”x19”. 

This oven not only bakes and browns food but also can grill because the grill emits radiant heat to give food that BBQ  taste. You still have all the convenience of the microwave oven but by using the convection heat, you can cut cooking time and therefore overall power consumption.  The unit comes in black or stainless finish, weighs just under 50 lbs. and includes a glass turntable. 

There are ten power levels and 8 touch menus so it’s a one-button push for food like popcorn, potatoes or frozen vegetables.  Other features include a kitchen timer with a 30-seconds-plus option, convection baking, microwave cooking and combo-grill cooking settings, defrost/cook by weight or timed defrost and a child safety lock.  

The CMC11040B delivers 1000 watts of cooking power while consuming 1500 watts to run.  This 120 volt, 60Hz unit retails for $399 and may be the answer for vessels with space constrained galleys and good inverters