The definition of innovation can be elusive.  Is a new design innovative or incremental?  Is it evolutionary or revolutionary?  We wrestled with that repeatedly at the NMMA Innovation awards in Miami recently but we arrived at the conclusion that innovation can be deceptively simple.   Hunt’s table on their new 52 Cruiser proves that a forehead slapping simple solution to an age old problem can be innovative – and elegant as well. 

The table on the aft weather deck is designed be converted from a dining to a cocktail table so it’s dual purpose, thereby saving space.  The table does the usual hi-lo adjustment because the whole unit is mounted on gas springs.  But this convertible table can also move in and out from the seat and be made smaller or larger. 

For dining, the table is at full height, full width and can be brought in close to the person seated.  When converted to a cocktail table, the unit is lowered and a leaf is removed from the center to make it smaller.  The table is split in half and the two halves are moved with gears below to join together with or without the leaf.  Then the whole unit is “swung” outward on arms that rotate around the columns or legs, giving people a chance to lounge comfortably with a cocktail.  It’s a great solution where a table requires fiddles which preclude a folding design.

The finish on the gears is a work of art too and it’s almost a shame that they’re on the underneath side where nobody will see them.  The design won the NMMA award and it’s likely to start popping up in saloon and exterior deck table applications – at least on Hunt Yachts.