Shaun Murray has scored yet another cover of a wakeboard mag, this time WAKEBOARDING’s 2010 Board Buyer’s Guide.

And if you haven’t seen this awesome image, you need to check it out.

As you can see on the right, it’s not some ridiculous air, or awe-inspiring combination of spinflips. It’s just a picture-perfect blind toeside cut, with Murray’s mirror image reflected in the glass-calm conditions.

“I’ve done the blind toeside cut since my days on the Skurfer, but I decided to see just how hard I could cut and how close I could get my nose to the water,” Murray told WAKEBOARDING. “The morning of the shoot, we happened to have perfect conditions with the sunlight and wind.”

For more on the idea behind the cover, as well as what went into actually capturing the shot, check out the rest of Murray’s comments here on WAKEBOARDING’s site.

Want the image as your desktop photo? You’re in luck