Watch the video: Cruisers Sport Series 298: King of the Bowriders

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-Create a bowrider with maximum space, without sacrificing performance.



-Hatches and doors are RTM molded, to maximize strength, minimize weight, and provide a finished surface inside and out.

-Stout aluminum plates beef up the engine mounting system, to ensure perfect alignment for the long run.Cruisers Sport Series 298 performance data



-It’s sporty, all right – cruising speed is around 40-mph and top-end busts 50.

-Hull vent gives partial advantages of a step, without the disadvantages.



-Grips the water in hard turns; cranking the wheel hard-over at WOT is not a problem—but it is fun!

-21-degree deadrise hull handles a chop well, and there’s little pounding or vibration.Cruisers Sport Series 298 specifications


Unique features:

-Aft seat transforms from forward-facing, to aft-facing, to a flat sunpad.

-Fold-out door allows you to completely seal off the bow cockpit from the helm and stern cockpit.

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