Read Lenny's Cruisers Sport Series 298 Boat Test Notes

This is the Cruisers 298 Sport, the king of Cruisers' Sportboat series. We came to Palm Beach, Florida to spend an entire day testing one so we could review it, so we could find out if it could be the right throne for you.

The Cruisers Sport Series 298.

The Cruisers Sport Series 298.

Lenny: I had a blast running this boat! You can crank this wheel over at 40-50 mph and the hull just grips the water. What's the scoop?

Gene Gooding, Cruisers Sales: We don't have a stepped hull, but we ventilate the site, inducing air that aids in planing. And in that vent there's a fin that helps you track through the turn and doesn't let the boat cavitate or slip sideways.

Lenny: Wow, that is one solid rail there Gene.

Gene: We put a piece of aluminum in the lamination schedule. That bolt is held in with the aluminum. This little hinge there? There's a piece of aluminum there. Where the cleats go through the deck? That's all backed up by aluminum for strength.

Lenny: Nice construction touch.

The head on the 298 is very roomy. But fiberglass hits fiberglass; it would be nice if there was a rubber bumper, and a strap to keep it open.

In the engine compartment, two things grab my eye. One, this nice big thick aluminum engine mount. That will really give this some structural integrity. Another thing I noticed that I really like is this step under here is fully finished. A lot of builders wouldn't bother in an area that's out of sight.

All the Cruisers sport boats have pressure water systems, but the 298 has a whole wet bar. Sink and stowage underneath.

Underneath the helm there's plenty of stowage. I would like to see this door beefed up, and Cruisers said they plan on doing something about it. Inside there's a table that fits into mounts fore and aft, and this cushion lifts up to give you easy access to gear inside.

There are multiple coolers built in under seats and steps, and there's even one on the swim platform. But my favorite is right here. When you lift this cushion up it stays open while you access your drinks.

The seating is very well thought out. The aft bench swings up so you can sit facing aft, or adjust two little doodads and it you can lay it all the way down for a full sized lounge.

There is a ton of stowage in the deck. All the hatches have gas-assist struts, all are RTM molded so they're finished on both sides, and they're light and strong and gasketed.

The helm layout has a nice cluster of Faria gauges, a custom wheel, lighted rocker switches, and this helm chair is a bolster seat.

At 4000 rpm, the 298 did better than 40mph. At 5000 rpm, we broke 50mph. Sweet!

So should you make the 298 your next boat? Only you can answer that. But riding around on this boat all day did make me feel like a king.

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