High-performance powerboat lovers who can’t make the trek to Lake Havasu City, Ariz., for Desert Storm April 25-28 won’t completely miss out on the action. That because River Dave’s Place, a popular online go-fast boating community focusing on the Colorado River Lakes, will provide real-time coverage of the event, which features a morning-to-night street faire, a poker run, a top-speed shootout, and more.

In 2012, Desert Storm will receive more video coverage than ever. The event will even provide the backdrop for the first episode of a potential television series.

Desert Storm will provide the backdrop for the first episode of a potential television series.

“We are going to set a new precedent in event coverage for the industry to follow,” said Dave Johnson, the founder and owner of River Dave’s Place. “We are bringing out several professional video camera crews this year. As we did last year, we will have live feeds on the River Dave’s Place site, but this year we’ll have multiple camera angles of the street faire and poker run. We also will have exclusive live coverage—we’ll have the only helicopter in the air—of the Shootout.”

In addition to offering real-time online video coverage of the event, Johnson is bringing out ace Florida-based photographer Jay Nichols of Naples Image to capture digital images of the event each day from River Dave’s R-44 helicopter. The plan is for Nichols’ images to be uploaded to the site at end of each day. (The images will be available for purchase through the site after the event.)

“This is a great opportunity for our guys on the West Coast to see their boats through the lens of a legend,” said Johnson.

For those who don’t catch the live coverage of Desert Storm, Johnson said he will produce a series of 7- to 10-minute “webisodes” that will begin to air on the site immediately after the event has concluded.

Thanks to a deal between Lucas Oil and Performance Boats magazine, Desert Storm also will spawn what could be a “reality-based” television series. According to a press release on the magazine’s website, Performance Boats TV (the publication’s video arm) and Lucas Oil will create a “high-end series about recreational powerboating.”  The series is contingent on the success of the first nationally syndicated show, according to the release. If the “powers that be like the product,” subsequent shows will be produced.

“The show centers around the Performance Boat team and the stresses and adventures of dealing with deadlines for the magazine and Desert Storm, the various personalities involved, and just getting people from Point A to Point B,” said Chris Davidson, the founder and publisher of Performance Boats magazine. “The show will also focus on live coverage of the events we go to and cover."

The first episode of the show is slated to air in July on MAVTV, a television network available on Dish TV.