Digital Yacht launched the new, easy to use, entry level priced AIS100 which is a simple dual channel AIS receiver.  Connect a VHF antenna and hook the AIS 100 to a plotter and you’ll have basic AIS information.

The AIS1000 overlays AIS targets onto the chartplotter display and sends data via NMEA 0183 data format.  The dual channel design monitors both AIS frequencies and will decode both Class A and Class B transmissions simultaneously.  It retails for $229. 

They also introduced the AIS2000N2K which is an AIS receiver for NMEA 2000 networks (N2K). This unit provides both NMEA 0183 and N2K data connections.  The AIS200N2K is priced at $519. 


AIS is a system used to track nearby vessels for anti-collision purposes.  It is a mandatory requirement for all vessels over 300 tons and there has been debate whether recreational vessels will be required to carry some form of AIS onboard as well – at least a receiver (like these two) if not a transponder.  A receiver should pick up an approaching vessel’s speed, course, position and identity (if given) via VHF frequencies. 

With an entry point of just over $200, seems like there’s no reason not to carry one even on smaller boats doing coastal cruises. 

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