E sea rider boan bag boat seats

The E Sea Rider teardrop beanbag seat comes color matched for your boat, free.

E Sea Rider beanbags were the first bean bag seats made specifically for boats, and you may have heard me say in the past that bean bags are the best boat seats of all. But, E Sea Riders cost notably more then a regular beanbag. Is it worth the extra cash?

I thought the answers was probably no - how much better a beannie could it be? – and for the last couple of years I’ve planted my passengers on the cheaper versions. (Note that the beanbags are good for passengers, only. You can’t really use them for helm seats, since you sink down to deck level in them.) This spring, however, those old beanbags were way beyond use. The stuffing had compacted, the vinyl had stretched, and they were stained, ripped, and all-around trashed. So I ditched ‘em, and decided to try buying a pair of E Seas.

A pair of the teardrop shaped beanies cost me about $200 including shipping, which is around double the cost of the K-mart alternative.Ouch – that sure seems a bit excessive.  But as soon as they arrived I could see major differences. First off, E-Sea Rider’s web site allows you to order them in two tones at no extra charge, to color-match your boat. Secondly, the vinyl is far thicker. Thirdly, they seem to hold their shape a lot better then the cheapies. And finally, they have straps sewn into the bottom so you can bungee them on top of the T-top once you get to the fishing grounds, and get ‘em out of the way.

After spending a day offshore fishing, my wife’s one comment was: “Whatever you paid for those new beanbag chairs, it was worth it.” It hasn’t been long enough for me to say so for sure yet (I want to see how these things hold up over the long run) but so far, I’m thinking she might be right. I still think they’re a bit over-priced, but there’s no denying the quality difference. I’ll check back at the end of the season,let you know about longevity, and give ‘em a final assessment.