Edson enhances its emergency pump kit with a couple of good ideas.

A manual emergency pump is vital to have aboard, especially for offshore work.  You may already have a manual pump installed but if things really go wrong, a second pump is critical, certainly if the ingress of water is coupled with power failure. 

Edson’s Gallon-A-Stroke emergency pump has been around for a while but they’ve just added a couple of good things to the kit.  First, they now package it in a bright orange bag.  If you’ve ever looked for something in a black bag in a dark lazarette, you know the value of high visibility – especially in an emergency.  Second, Edson has added Forespar’s Tru-Plug (see my earlier post on those) that is an orange foam cone used to plug holes of various sizes and shapes – including lost thru-hulls.  No pump will help if you can’t stop the leak and this handy pump will even pass rags through its chambers – and that’s great because you never know what is floating in that bilge. 

Edson’s emergency pump kit sells for $1,029 and $1,059 (1 ½” or 2” version) and comes with 20 feet of hose, a 32” handle and quick clamp hose fittings.  They are both rated at 30 GPM.