A little more news on the feature film on personal watercraft, direct from the man behind the film himself, Larry Rippenkroeger. Larry sent me an email this morning with a few more exclusive details on Hot Water…

According to Larry, they’ve just gotten the project to the point where they could pull the trigger and make arrangements to shoot some footage at the World Finals. The film will not be a documentary, but a story set against the backdrop of the pro PWC tour.

“I wrote the script for Hot Water,” Rippenkroeger confirms. “It’s an action/comedy set against the backdrop of the pro Jet Ski tour. It involves modern-day PWC, not vintage watercraft, so don’t break out your day-glow wetsuits. This won’t be a cheesy Hollywood sports movie, but rather, a great coming of age story, full of excitement, challenges and laughs.”

Following the World Finals, the preliminary plan is to start principle photography early next year in Hawaii during the big-wave season. “The action and stunts will be spectacular, and we’ll be calling in the sport’s top pros to help make it happen,” continues Larry. “The remainder of Hot Water will be shot afterwards in locations that we’re working on now.

“We are currently in the casting process and I will be making those announcements as they come. Anyone who knows anything about Hollywood knows it’s a miracle that anything ever gets made in this town. There’s so many hurdles you have to overcome in each step of the process. We’re excited to finally be far enough along to be able to start rolling some cameras. More to come…”