By Michael Good, YACHT magazine.

It’s a true success story. Beneteau's small models, the First 21.7 (formerly 211) and the First 25.7 have been on the market for 20 years and sold by the thousands. They are trailerable and inhabitable, have variable drafts, and are still trendsetters in the category of pocket cruisers and touring boats.

Beneteau First 25S

Market leader Beneteau has decided on another update of these evergreens. This time these proven Finot/Conq designs receive a new mast and new sails, and will be marketed as First Twenty and First 25S. Hulls and decks essentially remain unchanged, but the rigs are entirely different. The masts will now have diamond shrouds, like catamarans. This makes lower shrouds -- which often hinder passage along the side decks -- expendable. Also gone is the backstay, making it possible to use a more powerful main with a big roach and a squaretop.

Beneteau First Twenty

These updates won’t change pricing in a meaningful way. The predecessors were sold for €22,730 (First 21.7) and €47,243  (First 25.7, including inboard engine).

For more information, contact Beneteau.

Specifications: First 25S

  • LOA (Hull):  7.90 m

  • LWL :  7.35 m

  • Beam: 2.75 m

  • Draft (lifting keel):  0.85–1.85 m

Specifications: First Twenty

  • LOA (Hull):  6.40 m

  • LWL :  6.25 m

  • Beam: 2.48 m

  • Draft (lifting keel): 0.70–1.80 m

This story was originally published in YACHT magazine.


Translated by Dieter