I met Jet Ski Brian, the undisputed king of fishing from a PWC in the mid-Atlantic region, at a recent fishing show. You may have heard of this guy; I had seen the name (a misnomer, really, since he does his casting from a fleet of Yamaha Waverunners) pop up on fishing forums in the past few years, prior to meeting him. But like many boaters, I assumed he was a PWC guy who liked to fish. Wrong. He’s a fish guy, who likes to do his thing from a PWC. Why should you care? Because it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

jet ski fishing

Fishing from a PWC is a blast - and PWC fishing can be quite effective, too.

The one and only time I fished from a PWC was out of Palm Beach, FL. We had a 39’ Contender for a chase boat, and a PWC rigged with a stainless-steel frame supporting a 70-qt. Igloo cooler and two rod holders. After a 16-mile run we filled the cooler with ocean water, dropped in a few live goggle-eyes courtesy of the Contender’s livewell, and live-baited for sailfish. The pointy-nosed critters weren’t cooperative, but we did catch mahi-mahi and jack crevalle—and it was a ton of fun to be so up-close and personal with the fish, perched just inches above them.

Like I said, that was the one and only time I fished from a PWC. Why haven’t I done it since, if it was so much fun? Not only do you need a PWC to do it, you need a thoroughly customized PWC with rodholders and the like. Since the average waterbike runs about ten grand it’s quite a hit to the fishing budget, and there’s really no way to get into this game without buying your own. Or so I thought, until I ran into Jet Ski Brian. While hanging out at the show with him, I discovered he’s expanded his fleet of fishing PWC’s and is now running guided PWC fishing trips—and that means you, me, and other anglers can try PWC fishing and see if we like it, without breaking the bank.

Jet Ski Brian runs out of Virginia, fishing areas from the southern Chesapeake clear down into North Carolina (and says he hasn’t scored one of those Hatteras winter giant bluefins from a PWC just yet, but he’s working on it). You can check out his angling antics—or discover how to join in them—by going to Jet Ski & Fishing Adventures. No matter where you’re coming from, you can bet the trip will be a lot less expensive than buying and customizing your own PWC. Or, maybe that’s exactly what you do plan to do; in that case, you’ll get a lot of ideas on how to rig up your fishing machine, by looking at the pictures on this site.

I tried Googling around to see if anyone else guides fish-trips from a PWC, and couldn’t find a single other service; if you know of any other fishing PWC guides, let us know in the comments box below.