A day of charter fishing aboard the Why Not, a 45’ Ricky Scarborough, is bound to hold a few surprises. But one thing never changes: the crew. In a day and age where most charter boats go through mates almost as fast as they go through baits, the Why Not team consists of Capt. Wade Lober and mate Bob Euler, period—for 24 years and counting.

charter fishing crew

Capt. Wade Lober (left) and mate Bob Euler have been charter fishing together for over two decades.

“We started fishing together on the bay,” Capt. Wade said, “and just never stopped. It’s awesome. I don’t have to tell anyone what to do and heck, half the time before I even think of something he’s already doing it.”

On a scale of zero to 10, as an angler, Lober says his mate scores a 15. And there's proof that he's right—last year the Why Not won the Mid-Atlantic $500,000, bringing a blue marlin of over 400-pounds to the scales. That’s not the largest fish this team has tackled, either. The Why Not has seen several marlin of 750 pounds or better, with Wade at the helm and Bob in the cockpit. That kind of history is important to keep in mind, when considering how to choose the best charter fishing guide.

“It works out great for the customers,” Lober says. “Almost all of them are repeats, they always know what to expect with us, and Bob gets along great with everyone. I hope we do this until one of us falls down flat. Another 10 years, at least.”

The Why Not fishes for offshore pelagics out of Ocean City, MD during the summer, and for stripers and other gamefish in the Chesapeake Bay during the spring and fall. For more info visit Capt. Wade and Bob at Why Not Sportfishing.

45 ricky scarborough why not

Fishing on this 45' Ricky Scarborough, charter customers know what - or at least who - to expect.