Fishing in Long Island Sound and the near by ocean is, according to long-time boating and saltwater fishing writer Kevin Falvey, blessed. And those of us who have hunted for stripers, blues, fluke, sea bass, and other species here will probably agree. Kevin wrote a book on fishing for these species and others, Falvey’s Guide to Fishing Long Island which is bound to become the “Bible” for Long Island anglers.,

Full disclosure: Kevin’s a friend, and I helped him publish this book. Be that as it may, I don’t have to bend the truth to say that his writings will, without any doubt, boost the catch rate of anyone who fishes in these waters… or anywhere else these species are found. Unlike most how to/where to fishing books, Falvey’s Guide approaches fishing on a species by species basis, detailing the tackle, tactics, rigging, and baits used for each. Even more unusual, it also explains why, when, and where one will be more effective then another. At the end of each chapter, Falvey includes custom-marked charts which detail hotspots in the Long Island area.  If you’re a New York area fisherman, check this book out – I’ll bet big bucks to bloodworms that after reading it, you catch more fish!

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