Free stuff like fishing tackle, sunscreen, boat soap, and lures would interest you, right? I hope so, because I’m on a quest to figure out what types of blog posts readers like the most. The only way I can think of to gather this information is to go right to you – the reader – and ask. Of course, I need something to tempt you with, something to get you to take a moment or two and send me an e-mail, listing your five favorite blog posts I’ve written. As I mentioned the other day, SmartShield offered up a bottle of their new sunscreen as a give away, and I’ve arranged some other cool fishing and boating items to put together into a prize package.

Here’s what you stand to win, if you enter: The sunscreen, a blue/white Ilander Saillure, a Berkley Flicker Shad crankbait, a Jerkthatjig 150-gram LF20 jig, and a bottle of Star Brite boat wash. Add the value of these items together, and you could win a package worth about $50. Now, I know that’s not exactly like winning the Lotto, but all I’m asking you to do is check back in the blog and write down which five posts interested you the most in the past few months. List the 5 titles listed in order of most favorite to least, and e-mail them to me at I’ll take the e-mails of those who participate, and draw a winner at the end of next week. You’ll have an excellent chance of winning, too, because offering up the sunscreen the other day only brought in a couple of responses. So take a moment or two to make the list, shoot it to me in an e-mail, and stand by to win free fishing tackle, sunscreen, boat soap, and lures!

free fishing tackle lures sunscreen

Win this free fishing tackle, boat soap, and a tube of Smartshield Sunscreen!