I hate frozen lettuce.  How many times have you pulled from the boat fridge a frozen chunk of produce and after resetting the thermostat, your shrimp thawed and had to be thrown away?  I never know exactly where to set the temperature for the optimum trade-off between food preservation and minimum power consumption and I have no idea what happened in between the off/on cycles which makes me wonder about those shrimp. 

Enter a smart little idea called the Freezer Safe.  Powered by two AAA batteries and just a little bigger than a pack of chewing gum, Freezer Safe will record temperatures from -5 degrees F to +122 degrees F (-20 C to +50 C). The Freezer Safe audible thaw alarm starts beeping when it's been above 31 degrees F for 2 hours or more...but must have been below 29 degrees before it starts tracking. 

With one in the freezer and one in the box you can see at what temperature the compressor turns on, and how temperature varies during a cycle in different parts of the box. It will record and store high and low temps for 100 days, 100 hours, or 100 minutes, so you'll know exactly where to set your thermostat for maximum performance.

Think of the money you’ll save by not throwing away food that may or may not have been put at risk.  And dialing in power consumption means there’s more juice to run other toys aboard.  You can even use it to track temperatures in the engine room during a voyage since it has an attachment ring to keep it from flying around or landing in the bilge.

Freezer Safe carries a 90 day warranty and retails for $29.95 for one or $49.95 for a pair.