Television reporter and celebrity Geraldo Rivera is not your average Sunday sailor. He and his crew just competed in the Marion-Bermuda Cruising Yacht Race, sailing his 67-foot boat day and night for 645 miles, finishing Tuesday. Very light winds close to Bermuda didn't favor his heavy boat, but he still crossed the finish line in Bermuda in 12th place. Here is a brief excerpt of his first-person view of the stormier weather he encountered at dockside:

Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera waves on his yacht Voyager after the 2013 Marion Bermuda Race. Geraldo was 12 to finish on elapsed time out of 34 entries. ©SpectrumPhoto/Fran Grenon

The phrase, 'It was a dark and stormy night' was originally an example of a badly written cliché. Now "dark and stormy" is an expression mostly used to describe a drink made with Gosling's rum and ginger beer.

While I confess drinking several during the just-completed Marion to Bermuda Race for Cruising Sailboats, actual dark and stormy nights at sea were in short supply during the 660-mile race. Which was too bad because my old sailboat Voyager, at 52 tons and made of half-inch-thick aluminum, thrives in bad weather; the darker and stormier the better.

Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera docks his yacht Voyager at the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club after the 2013 Marion Bermuda Race. ©SpectrumPhoto/Fran Grenon

A post-race analysis of GPS tracking shows Voyager closing to 2nd place during the blustery weather Sunday and Monday, only to fade and wallow near the end during Tuesday's calm to cross the finish line 12th in the fleet of 34 boats.

For me, the real storm started on shore Wednesday night long after Voyager was safely docked at the lovely Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club (RHADC).

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