When Boats.com speed freak Matt Trulio speaks, high-performance powerboaters listen. And while many of you have read Matt’s words of wisdom on his web site, SpeedontheWater.com, which has daily news covering the world of high-performance boats, you can now access more acceleration via the new Speed on the Water e-mag.

speed on the water

You like fast boats? Then Speed on the Water is for you.

I checked out the inaugural edition for one simple reason: to see if Matt had hit one too many waves at 100-plus mph, and gone off his rocker. But what I found was, instead, quite sane. At least, it would be considered sane among you guys who think it’s sane to run powerboats over 100 mph in the first place.

The PDF, which downloaded very fast (surprise?), included several model-specific feature articles, a cool Q&A section with go-fast expert Bob Teague, Poker Run coverage, and a New Gear section. Being a fish-head myself, however, I didn’t expect to find much of personal interest. Wrong. An in-depth feature on a new AMG electric drive in a Cigarette Top Gun 38 was interesting, informative, and thoroughly surprising. Who would have thought a 38-foot powerboat would be able to cruise at 70 mph for half an hour and hit a top-end of 110 mph without burning a drop of fuel? Not me.

Now, some of you might think I’m too biased to believe. After all, if Matt quit writing for boats.com, our high-performance coverage would seriously suffer. He knows my boss. And most importantly, I don’t want to get run down by three tons of fiberglass traveling at five times the speed of my own pig-slow fishboat. So if you’re into speedboats, do us both a favor and check out Speed on the Water. I don’t know if it’s up your alley or not, but I can promise you one thing: it won’t slow your day down.