The majority of high-performance powerboat videos you’ll find online focus on specific events, mostly poker runs and offshore races. That makes them plenty engaging if you happen to have participated in or even attended the featured event, but generally tough to watch if you haven’t. Those videos tend to be more like home movies than polished productions designed to captivate and inform a general audience about the go-fast boat world.

Two recent videos present notable exceptions to this rule.

The efforts of the Miss GEICO racing team are showcased in Royal Purple’s Outperformer series video.

The first is the third installment of Royal Purple’s 2012 mini-documentary Outperformer series. This seamless five-minute video features the championship-winning offshore powerboat racing team, Miss GEICO Racing and chronicles everything from the “off-season duties that include 14-hour work days preparing the boat for competition, to the steely determination and focus required on race day from both pilot and crew.” This is the final video of the year from the high-performance synthetic lubricant manufacturer, and Royal Purple’s vignette of the Miss GEICO team continues the company’s goal of profiling teams and individuals who “Outperform” in their respective fields, discussing their inspirations to be “the best of the best.”

Retired offshore racer Stuart Hayim is the subject of the second video. It's about his recent Around Long Island powerboat record with throttleman John Tomlinson in a 42-foot Marine Technology, Inc., catamaran with twin Mercury Racing 1350 engines. But the National Power Boat Association-produced video does more than capture Hayim and Tomlinson’s record-setting run. It chronicles Hayim’s cancer awareness and fundraising efforts through his Recovery offshore racing team for more than 10 years.

At nine-minutes long, the NPBA video on Stuart Hayim chronicles his recent powerboat endurance record, as well as his cancer awareness and researching efforts.

As for the story behind the 2-hour-and-11-minute record run itself, the nine-minute video presents never-been-before footage from inside and outside the cockpit. The total package is clean and compelling, and definitely worth a watch.

“We got real fortunate, thank you, with the weather, Mercury power, which from day one has always worked for us, a great boat and all the pieces came together,” Hayim says regarding the record-setting run near the end of the video. “A lot of it was hard work. A lot of it was just good fortune in the form of the weather.”