Gori folding propellers from Denmark let you sail faster and motor more efficiently and now you can save too.

Drag – it’s such a drag when you’re sailing.  But a fixed prop is just like dragging a bucket through the water and that does nothing for speed under sail.  According to the manufacturer, Gori folding props can increase your speed under sail by up to a knot.  Gori’s technology folds the prop, unlike say MaxProp which feathers the prop, but both do provide less drag and better efficiency under power and sail.

Under sail, Gori props do not auto-rotate or vibrate, even at high speeds. The two, three and four-bladed props fold into a hydrodynamic shape when the prop shaft stops turning.  Various sizes are available depending on the number of blades. 

But it’s not just under sail that a folding prop makes sense.  Under power, the blade design and gearing system make a Gori prop more efficient in forward and reverse than fixed props. The true blade shape and design - the camber, curve and twist - deliver maximum drive.  Unlike fixed props, the folding Gori is the same shape in both forward and reverse, so you can back much better (minus the crazy prop walk) and stop more effectively with all blades digging in just as if the prop were in forward.

Gori props also offer their "over drive" function that allows you to motor at cruising speeds while the engine is turning over at lower revolutions, thus creating less noise, vibration and heat - and of course, using less fuel. 

So how do you save 10%?  Blue Water Sailing’s online newsletter called the Cruising Compass came out with this offer Tuesday and it’s good until the end of October.  So let me help them spread the word – get a discount while sailing and motoring more efficiently. 

For more information, visit Gori propellers