A grander blue marlin was caught in the White Marlin Open yesterday, topping 1,010 pounds – yowza! The earlier mark of 790-pounds for largest fish was already pretty darn nice, but this mark will be REALLY tough to beat. So James Kontos, from the Let It Ride ,is sitting on a $360,000 prize that’s likely to survive the next few days of the tournament. But that’s not all, in the hot news & big fish department:¬†yesterday the white marlin leader was also eclipsed, by a 97.5-pound white caught by Brian Roberts, on the Shelly II. That’s the second-largest white ever caught during the WMO, and it’s worth – are you ready for this – $800,000.

In fact, the only leading fish to survive the second day of weigh-ins were the 76.5-pound tuna, caught on the That’s Right, (which is currently worth $270,000) and a 53.5-pound mahi-mahi on the Top Gun that’ll harvest $4,000.

On a more personal note, the second place holder for white marlin, at 92-pounds and worth $85,000, is held by a friend: Tommy Fowler, a boat dealer at North Bay Marine. I’ve tested several boats with Tommy, who’s the local cat guy, and he was the broker handling my own 22′ Glacier Bay when I found it two Octobers ago, sitting forlorn in a corner of the¬†boatyard. He’s a “regular” guy, not one of the rich dudes trolling around on a 60-footer, so root for that marlin to hold its position – go Tommy go!

white marlin open winner

This 97.5 pound white currently holds first place in the White Marlin Open, and it'll be tough to beat.