The Greatest Loop, the aptly named Beneteau trawler departed on May 15 from Annapolis, Maryland on a 5,000-plus mile circumnavigation of the eastern United States.

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Tricky navigation through locks and canals have been highlights of the Greatest Loop's first few weeks.

The boat, which is carrying journalists and Beneteau VIPs on this promotional tour, has made her way up through New Jersey and New York and is currently running along the northeastern shore of Lake Huron.

Running during daylight when visibility is best has been important, which means an early start each morning at six or seven o’clock. Traveling up toward the Hudson River, low bridges gave the crew a reason to learn how to raise and lower the mast, one of the first lessons of the trip. Much of the journey so far has included tricky navigation through locks and canals. An added hazard in the Erie Canal was dodging large logs and debris, which kept the crew busy as lookouts.

Currently, the captains are collecting performance and fuel consumption data on this rather long and rigorous maiden voyage. Multiple stops are expected in the next few days as the journey meanders through narrow waterways out to the open waters of Lake Huron.

The Greatest Loop is schedule to arrive back in the Chesapeake in mid-September. The tour has gathered over a dozen sponsors and is helping to publicize the National Marine Manufacturers Association’s Grow Boating initiative by highlighting cruising close to home; most of the stops will be within the United States.

You can follow the boat’s progress on the website, where a map and crew posts will keep you updated.

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