There’s a new interactive NOAA map online that charts the Gulf oil spill, fishing closures, spill trajectories, environmental impact, and more; it even has aerial and satellite images. Say what you will about the feds, NOAA has done one heck of a job with this and whoever was in charge of it should get a pat on the back.

It’s hard to get the straight scoop on anything these days thanks to all of the misinformation out there, and this NOAA Gulf oil spill map system gives you the ability to see exactly what the heck is going on without the clutter and sensationalism of media news networks, or the potential BS of the internet. Those of us who are far from the area will want to use it to see the overall impact, but locals will find it even more useful thanks to the fishery closure area charts. Not only can you see what areas are closed to fishing, you can even see when other areas were shut down, and when, with a click of the mouse.

You might remember from a prior post (see it at that NOAA recently released an interactive map of fish habitat areas, and they’ve also updated this one to a new URL with a shorter link ( Now, this new NOAA Gulf oil spill map is out – it makes you wonder who’s running the interactive charting show at NOAA, doesn’t it? Someone who’s – dare I say it – competent. Thanks, whoever you are!

Here’s the link: and a screen shot, so you can see what the mapper looks like:

map of the gulf oil spill by noaa

The NOAA interactive Gulf oil spill map has info that'll be of interest to boaters and fishers near and far.