If you’ve read our review Hanse 575: Part Sailboat Part Yacht, then you know this sailing cruiser has a number of features and perks that set it apart from the average recreational sailing vessel. But as is often the case, after a couple years of owner feedback and onward-marching technology, even popular models are in for a re-do. Hanse took on that challenge this year to create the Hanse 588, which UK reviewer Rupert Holmes found at the Southampton Boat Show. Step aboard with Rupert, and learn why the 588 is a better, smarter sailboat.

This model is so new we haven’t had a chance to take one for a sail just yet (as is often the case at major boat shows, it was blocked in at Southampton), nor provide you with a full review (stay tuned), but we can tell you that Rupert wasn’t just blowing smoke when he called the master cabin “soundproofed.” Hanse has gone to great lengths to make this cabin as quiet as possible; pumps and machinery were relocated away from it, and multiple layers of insulation were added between five layers of veneers and structural construction materials to keep sound at bay.

As far as performance goes, Hanse says the 588 will make over 10 knots in a 16 knot wind at 90 to 120 degrees, and can even come close to eight knots upwind at 41.6 degrees. They also claim this boat can be sailed single-handed, with tacking and even reefing possible right from the helm.

For more information, visit Hanse.