Watch the Harris FloteBote Royal 230 Video Boat Review

Overview: A high-end pontoon boat with triple logs and fast top-end speeds.


-Develop a pontoon boat which delivers both luxury and high-performance.
-Use a triple-log design and offer lots of horsepower, for performance over 45-mph.Harris FloteBote Royal 230 performance data

-Pontoons have three separate welded chambers, reinforced nose cones, strakes, and steps.
Deck underside is skirted to reduce friction and increase performance.
-Multiple lounges are extremely comfortable and have rugged rotomolded bases.

-Cruises in the 30’s, and top-end breaks 45-mph.
-At speeds in to mid to upper 30’s, fuel economy is right around 2.0 MPG.

-Triple logs allow for tight turns and fast maneuvers, during which the helmsman always feels in control.Harris FloteBote Royal 230 Specifications
-Plenty of weight and length to handle a moderate chop, even at fast speeds.

Unique features
-Skirted under-deck is a rare perk, and it not only reduces friction, it also looks great when peeking between the pontoons.
-Power Bimini top goes up and down at the press of a button.
-Lounger is insanely comfortable.